Month: February 2014

March of the Penguins

Everyone who saw the movie raved about it! I heard nothing but superlatives and praise from animal lovers and non-animal loves alike so I saw it a few years ago with my grandchildren. I was absolutely horrified!! I would have fled the theater were it not for my little grand-daughter who was transfixed and unafraid.

I could not for the life of me understand why the movie makers made this movie. Yes they are beautiful birds but seriously… How this could species develop such a dysfunctional lifestyle and still survive? It’s beyond me. Couldn’t these Penguins find a closer place to nest and bear their young? Really they had to walk 50 miles to lay their egg? Their ONE EGG! 50 miles!? Really do you know how hard it is to walk 50 miles? And in single file? And on the freezing ice with no boots? What was wrong with these birds that they couldn’t figure out walking so far and going without food for so long was to their disadvantage?? Really? What was so special about that place 50 miles away that they couldn’t have found a nice spot, say 1/2 mile away? At least then they could get food while they raise their baby.