Month: April 2014

Never Underestimate the Power of SUPERCAT!

So, for those of you who hold dear to the concept that cats do not develop attachments to their ‘people,’ take a look at that cat video now going viral. In live action, the clip captures a devoted tabby rushing forth to her ‘boy’s’ rescue and sending a biting dog scurrying for its life! What a wonderful clip! I love that cat! Summoning up feline courage from her instinctive self, she takes on a canine villain three times her size! Good for you Kitty! You rescued your boy, drove off the offending pup and elevated the lowly lap cat to the role of national hero.

Which reminds me (here’s my subtle segue) of a situation I had years ago when my children were small and my Siamese, Rajah, performed a similar act of heroism. Described in my short story, THE HERO, published in the Veterinary College of Ontario’s book Animal Companions, Animal Lovers and Animal Doctors, in June 2012, Rajah exhibits pure feline heroism as he mobilizes explosive feline powers to rescue his family and his Keeshond from a huge marauding Shepard mix. The incident will live forever in my mind as a sterling example of unique animal powers that defy stereotypes, amazing us with their breadth and courage! So the next time you see a kitty curled up in the sun or strolling through the grass, look again. You may be looking at the next incarnation of SUPERCAT whose exploits rival those of our comic book human superheroes!