Month: May 2015

Make Way for Seeing Double

A whole new cast of characters join the familiar collection of Chicago characters you met in Relentless and these characters are complex, compelling and completely unique in tone, mission and personality. I cannot wait to hear your reaction to this newest group and to hear which of them you love the most! Our newest novel, set in the Middle East will introduce you to characters from several different countries and cultural backgrounds and will walk you through a number of intriguing covert adventures that will leave you guessing until the very end. You will meet the leader of a new extreme Islamic faction and listen as their goals and views emerge. You will see into the personal lives of leaders and spies and peek behind the scenes into some powerful political and governmental offices and in the end you may still not know exactly who is doing what.

Seeing Double is a work of fiction, but it captures many of the concepts and conflicts that are real and apparent in the world today, it walks the reader through an inside view of those conflicts as they are experienced by the characters who are breathing life into them. This is a fast paced action packed novel filled with personable, engaging characters that will embrace you from the first page through the last. Be sure to get your copy of Seeing Double. It will be available in hardcover, Kindle and audiobook and please be sure to let me know what you think by rating the book on and by visiting me at


Is Violence Contagious?

I had been watching Baltimore’s mayor on TV.  She reported that in the wake of Freddie Gray’s death while in police custody, massive riots had erupted in Charm City. The National Guard was deployed to help restore peace; a strict curfew was instituted; neighboring police departments sent reinforcements and the city was in the midst of riots the likes of which had not been seen since Martin Luther King’s assassination. Large numbers of city residents had been peacefully demonstrating, but those protests, peaceful though they were, set off pockets of opportunistic violence across the city in an ever escalating series of destructive acts. Police officers were attacked, many injured, stores were damaged and robbed, fires were set, property was destroyed and the city erupted into stampedes of rioting, thieving teenagers.