Month: July 2015


Don’t any advertising folks understand the concept of Too Much Information??

Not only have we, the TV watching public, had to suffer through ad after ad about ‘painful intercourse’ or ‘impotence’ as we watch middle- aged women parading around in flowing blue dresses ready to grab the first unsuspecting male who crosses her path, but we also have to hear about creams and lotions designed to enhance mutual pleasure, perhaps the solution to those other two problems. Then there are the non-sexual body part ads that bombard us with issues surrounding elimination. As if ‘over-active bladder’ ads (aka wet panties) weren’t enough, we have to endure graphic, though thankfully not explicit, representations of bowel movements, colorfully depicted as pink and blue blocks gliding happily through a winding tunnel. And since these ads enhance Big Pharma’s overflowing revenue boxes, ad companies just keep churning them out as the general public races to buy special adult diaper pants, little blue pills, creams and gels, yogurts and drink additives that assure us our internal body parts will operate perfectly.