Month: August 2015

And Here’s Ari!

Ari Ben Aviv is the first character you meet in Seeing Double, as he enters Elisabeth Reinhardt’s office. He’s strikingly handsome, tentative and in mortal danger. From the first encounter, Ari is not what he seems to be and the uncertainty about his reality follows the character deep into the book, until his situation changes and the truth about him becomes clearer. Brilliant, and rather bookish, this character evolves in critical, unexpected ways as he ultimately holds the course of world history in his capable, though ambivalent, hands.


Home-grown or Otherwise

We are inundated these days with the word ‘Terrorist.’ Every day, there are dozens of news reports about terrorists striking out for whatever vague, personal, political, racial, cultural or psychotic motive they constructed. When I was a child, back many years ago, we never heard about terrorists. The random lone shooter who entered a church or movie theater or hid on a rooftop with a long range rifle was unheard of. Yes, of course, there was the occasional murdered wife or the occasional bar fight and, of course, gang violence and organized crime existed, but that mostly happened in big cities and was based on money and power, that are, somehow, more easily understood motivations, though no less abhorrent, than the senseless, seemingly random acts of violence that haunt us today.

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Let Me Introduce…Hadara Eliat

In my next book, Seeing Double, you will meet Hadara Eliat, a strong, intelligent, courageous, intriguing character who will play a major role in her ongoing series ‘The Olive Branch.’ This series, based in the Middle East, stretches across the world, highlighting a myriad of international covert entanglements. Living as she does in a part of the world where political and cultural tensions broil incessantly, she remains calmly focused. Managing her mysterious personal life, however, poses a few challenges.

Hadara is a woman who, like Elisabeth Reinhardt, is guided by a vibrant set of principles and beliefs. She is a loving wife and mother, as well as a high powered, aggressive Mossad agent, dual roles that may conflict, dovetail and ultimately converge. Reading Seeing Double you will see how the power of this character radiates outward impacting and influencing the course of unfolding events in a most explosive part of the world.