Month: April 2016

A Retrospective Parody

Let’s pan the camera back a few years. Young Donald age 8 and his parents are having dinner. Young Donald insists he can make run the family better than his Parents can.

Father Triumph to young Donald, “You have no experience running a home why should we trust you?”

Young Donald to Father, “You are a Dummyhead, I tell it like it is! I know how to do things.”

“What proof do you have that you know how to run a family?”

“I won a kickball game. I won at marbles. Pretty girls like me. I’m a winner.”

Mother Triumph, “Yes it’s true dear that you are good at many things, but running a family is different from marbles.”

“Mommy, you are a dummyhead. You are just like Rosie O’Donnell, a big fat slob inside and out. No wonder you married Daddy dummyhead, with a face like yours who else was going to have you?”