Month: July 2016

Poem: Arms

This right here is the problem,
The US as arms merchant,
we armed the mujahideen,
they drove the Russians
out of Afghanistan,
then split across that land
into factions–al Qaeda,
the Northern alliance,
and the Taliban,
now we have the ones we armed–
against us in Afghanistan.

we armed Pakistan,
we gave them fighter jets
and radars and missiles
and bullets and bombs,
now we have the Pakistani Taliban
attacking us in Karachi and Islamabad.

We armed Saddam Hussein
to fight Iran,
then we armed the govt. that followed him
with elan,
weapons of mass destruction
we gave them to keep order in Iraq,
and now we have ISIS
with those weapons in their hands
roving the world in savage bands.

arms our biggest export,
arms our magnificent sport,
arms on which our leaders dote,
arms brutal and close,
arms by remote control,
arms that unexpectedly explode
in fields and forests and hosts
of other places booby trapped–

America booby trapped in wars,
Hoisted by its own petard,
our empire a fading star
our society full of scars,
This an image stark
our leaders say is too dark–
hope is what they want us
to flaunt–
and yet–they are the sharks
who sell the arms that bring us
our harms.

Usha Nellore


Poem: The Republican National Convention–Plagiarism

It was a white supremacist fest,
A jest,
an anti Hillary screed,
A Rudy Giuliani primal scream,
it was vitriol so foul it carried miles
like effluent from a leaky sewage pipe–

it was senescence
and obsolescence
it was a prop for the idiocracy,
a show so meretricious,
gaudy and cheap
as to make the sane weep,

plagiarism was the icing
on the rancid cake
for the creeps to steal
and shine in borrowed feathers–
a routine–
don’t make an unnecessary scene
keep your eyes on ISIS,
“Be Afraid” that’s the theme–

For this is a paean to Michelle Obama,
Don’t you know imitation is flattery
and in plagiarism there is no ignominy,
or two people can have parallel thoughts
apart and be exactly alike in experience
and sensibility,
or what’s the fuss
two paragraphs taken or used is not felony–

Keep your eyes on ISIS
“Be Afraid”
That’s the theme,
of what importance a few words lifted,
when your whole life could be blasted
to smoke and steam?

That’s the theme.

Usha Nellore