Month: October 2016

Make America SANE Again

We’ve hit ‘rock bottom’, scrapped the ‘bottom of the barrel’ and plunged into a bottomless gutter. We’ve proven there are no limits to which a bare bones psychopath will go to get what he wants, whether it’s a ‘piece of a..’ or the presidency of the United States.

Trump said it and so far, he’s been right. He can get away with anything. He could murder someone in Central Park and go free. He can assault, embarrass, persecute and humiliate people privately or publicly, verbally or sexually; and get away with it. He will lie, deceive, attack, distract, distort, embarrass, imitate, mock and humiliate. What he will not do is look at his own behavior, honestly reflect on himself and take responsibility for his horrendous words and actions. He is as toxic, vile, repugnant, hateful, cruel and immoral as the most ruthless dictators the world has ever known and you know what he gets away with it.

In his recently revealed ‘hot-mic’ chat with Billy Bush, he said as much. If you’re rich and famous, if you’re a star, you can get away with anything. Just pop a Tic-Tac and go for it. The man has no moral compass; no external rules or laws apply. Trump is a land unto himself; he’s his own reality. No conscience, no concern for others, no humanity. He has no big picture, no world-view and no awareness his words and actions will have long-range or trickle-down consequences. Trump has no incorporated, socially sanctioned, sense of common decency. Rules of social etiquette do not apply, social standards do not apply, Federal Income Tax laws do not apply, and criminal laws prohibiting sexual abuse and assault do not apply.

The man is the epitome of the perfectly sculpted anti-social personality coated with a thick veneer of pathological narcissism. The most regrettable thing about this whole fiasco is that so many Americans are unable to discern these truths. They drank the Kool-Aid, they swallowed the con man’s spiel, they fell in love. As unfathomable as it may be, somehow, his garbled message of hate and privilege resonated with them and they glommed onto him as their personal savior.

Savior however is a real misnomer because with this man, no one is safe. Talk about Potty-mouth! Woman are pigs and sexual prey who love having stars grab their P…ies. It’s okay with him if Howard Stern calls Ivanka ‘a nice piece of a..’. The Mexicans are rapist; the Syrian immigrants are terrorists; the handicapped are a joke. Putin is a strong and admirable leader, Rubio has small hands and a small p…., Obama started ISIS, Megyn Kelly has blood coming out of her wherever, South Korea should have nuclear weapons, Carly Fiorina is so ugly no one would vote for her and John McCain’s out of luck because Trump doesn’t like POW’s. The man says whatever’s expedient, whatever will get him what he wants, votes, applause or sexual access.

Trump respects no laws but his own. He has no conscience, respects no higher authority. Hell, he even disrespected the Pope! He will ignore our governmental structure; disregard Constitutional requirements, overlook our International Treaties and dismantle national programs that are integral to our social infrastructure. If anyone dares confront his lunacy, he’ll shout his favorite phrase “You’re Fired”, creating turnstile chaos in the White House and across the globe. Let’s face it folks, the man is mentally unfit for office, especially the Oval office.

Should we design a mental health screening-test that will prevent unstable candidates from hijacking the Presidency? Damn right, we should. The Presidency is intrinsic to national and world stability. If this primordial time bomb isn’t proof enough, perhaps the end of our social and judicial system will be, because if Trump is elected, the US electorate will have signed its own death warrant.