Month: February 2017

Speak Truth

By Nancy Alexander

Truth to abuse of power

Truth to history… to reality

Truth to those who fabricate

…who distort, deny and recreate

Truth to those who call news ‘fake’

…the under-miners, the dumb-blind followers

Truth to the attention-seekers

…and headline screamers

Truth to those see through the haze

Who can wake up from that stupefied daze

Face up to the facts they aren’t hidden or lost

We suffer his madness at terrible cost

Your hero’s a shell made of ego and id

Gold-plated, no morals, no God to forbid

A hater, be-rater not a conscience in sight

Amoral and ruthless believe me I’m right

Diagnostic immersion … read on and you’ll see

He longs for his name across a Marquee

Self-centered, suspicious he goes for revenge

His wonders he’ll praise, bruised self he’ll avenge

It’s the way his mind works its truth as he sees it

So bow down and worship, kiss feet that’s the spirit

Tell him he’s great, he’s entitled, he’s perfect

Say he’s the best cheer and clap, he’s an addict

He must have those smiles, that applause or he’ll shrivel

A balloon without air, he’ll wrinkle and snivel

Your hero’s been flawed at least since age 8

Open your eyes it isn’t too late

The man he has power and money galore

Secrets abound with those we abhor

He’ll sell us down river to make a quick buck

Our country it’s laws and traditions he’ll F…

To him it’s TV; it’s a game or a toy

Just one thing at stake it’s his pride and his joy

He cares not a whit for our lakes or our streams

He cares not a whit for the immigrants’ dreams

It’s all about him with his Tweeting galore

He’ll say what he wants even end us in war

He’s short-sighted, impatient, self-serving and mean

He’s rude and insulting, uninformed and obscene

His lies and fake truths are just a smokescreen

Just get him more towers, accrue more gasoline

His children are privy, his footsteps they follow

For his secret trade deals in the gutter he’ll wallow

There’s no moral standard; there’s only the dollar

There’s no higher value he’s sure not a scholar

Before it’s too late, take a moment and think

We have a few choices pull back from the brink

There’s protest, impeachment and good old 25

No dissolution, destruction you’ll get out alive

Three options to choose and maybe a fourth

To save animals, people, plants and the earth

Stand up, take a look, see the truth that’s before you

He’s a fraud and a liar without a clear worldview

We can’t take the chance that he’ll come to his senses

He’s unstable, he’s worse than Mike Pence is

I know, he’s not good but the rules he can follow

Not like the fool with the shrieking vibrato

Its pressure we need to speak up and shout out

Get rid of that guy, he’s an immoral lout

A footnote in history just a comma a note

They made a mistake as they cast that bad vote

Correct it, say sorry I was wrong and you’re right

We’ll call it a day, fix the thing end the blight

He simply can’t stay, our country he’ll batter

Take stock face the facts this really does matter

Look beyond your back yard the whole world’s at stake

It’s up to us now to stop this Earthquake

Across this great land is a real Revolution

It’s time that we end presidential pollution


Rewrite the Truth

By Usha Nellore

It is Coretta Scott King they fear

her voice from her grave

about the knave

who will now lead the law of the land,

the law that permitted

the institutionalization of slavery,

the law that let the killers go free

who viciously attacked and brutalized

Emmett Till-a child, merely 14,

in Money, Mississippi,

his open casket funeral in Chicago

that showed him beaten

and bloated with the hate

that brought him death,

the bravery of his mother

by his corpse as she stood

and showed the world

the dangers of being black

in the USA,

and now they are up again,

beset by feelings of inferiority

leading to behaviors of supremacy,

the snakes rear from their pits

their hisses sibilant

in the land

their fangs itching for strikes,

they say,

“We have power now

and we will show

we haven’t changed,

We will flaunt our new theories

of persecution–

We will say

we are the ones under the boot,

We will play

the identity politics you play,

We will make golden hay

rewriting history,

We will assert

all of slavery is a myth–

The shackles,

the Middle Passage,

the sales,

the rapes,

the whips,

the lashes,

we will change the way

it has played!

Enough guilt for the white man,

we will cram the world

with propaganda

and we will whitewash

our sins

pinned on us

as though we’re donkeys,

we will bray

we didn’t invent slavery,

we ENDED it

because we are great!”

And everything that went in between,

Giving the Black man the vote

but not letting him vote,

penning him in inner cities

and telling him that’s where he stays,

giving him separate but unequal

and telling him he’s equal,

bombing out his businesses,

attacking him with dogs

and hoses

and guns

between his eyes

in his brain


that he is subhuman,

washed by new theories,

that past

can be erased,

especially when the ancestors are distant

who outraged and raged,

all of their deeds can be


“Not me,

Not me


I didn’t rape your mother

or your sister,

no blame on me,

enough done already,

no more to give,

No more of that guilt!

No more setting the past right,

If you say,

“Black lives matter!”

I’ll say,

“All lives matter!

White lives matter!

Blue lives matter!”

I’ll say you have no right

to put yourself front and center,

I’ll say no more the shame,

I’ll say I am dying fast,

I won’t last

at the rate I am going,

with drugs and suicide,

I’ll say I will rise

against the race baiters

and the traitors

to America,

they don’t have to come or stay,

I’ll say it is ME first,


I will rewrite history,

in sessions

in the senate

I will clean up Sessions

and insist he’s a civil rights champ,

he’s a lamp

that lit the darkness

in Alabama

he fought the KKK,

I’ll say

he’s a bastion of the law,

he has no flaw

I will rewrite history

because I feel wronged,

by the white man’s burden,

I feel burdened by the sudden change

in my fate,

the loss of prestige,

the challenges to my privilege,

Not me,

Not me mister,

Not me for the blame

Not me for the shame!”

Carolyn Bryant whispered,

“What’s the use?

They’re all dead anyway!”

Emmett Till never assaulted her

but times were different then

he was already dead

and she was too afraid,

to say,

that the boy was innocent,

it was too late

to articulate

the truth then,

and by her sin

she’s been flayed,

all these years

she’s been flayed–

so she related

in whispers–

They’re all dead anyway,

what’s the use,

Perjury doesn’t matter,

murder doesn’t matter,










don’t matter


“They’re all dead anyway!

And Sessions is not to blame

Can’t impugn him because

for civil rights

he’s been a champ,

for voting rights

he’s been the same,

a lamp in the darkness

of Alabama!

That’s why we won’t let

Coretta Scott King

speak from the grave,

that’s why Elizabeth must behave!”

Usha Nellore


They’re Here

They’re here because of your war–
that war you forgot,
that war your soldiers fight
away from your sight,
a war that is neither for peace
nor for a righteous cause,
a war without end
a war whose beginning is buried
in time,
a war fomented by leaders
who escaped war
by dodging their draft,
a jingoistic war,
a war exacerbated by the meddling
of global power brokers,

a war not of their making,
a war slaking
the thirst of the global war industry,
they lost everything
in your war,
and now you say
when they come to you for refuge–
“My land–
not yours.

You–the terror in their land,
say you don’t want them–
a terror in yours.

Usha Nellore

Truth to Tyranny

Across the country, people are speaking out, stepping up, standing tall, marching en masse and speaking Truth to Tyranny. In our nation’s courtrooms, Judges are clarifying the law, elected and appointed officials are leading the charge and people like you and me are phoning, tweeting, texting, emailing and demonstrating. We are leaving our homes, offices and classrooms to join the new revolution. This is a righteous fight and it is imperative if we are to continue as a haven of safety and reason.

When our tyrannical leader declared war on freedom and diversity, as we knew he would, I was thrilled to see so much pushback. Not just by the odd columnist or commentator but by a groundswell. I knew we lived in a country with checks and balances but I wasn’t seeing it in Congress. I cheered when from the ground up and from the top down, across the country and across the world; people began gathering, waving placards and standing up for their beliefs.

Most Republicans in the House and Senate continue to sit on the sidelines, fearful that their titular head will turn against them, sue them, incite voters against them or drive a bulldozer over them. Party loyalty continues to guide their actions, but here’s the thing… this is not politics as usual. Republican Party loyalty dissolved during last year’s primary. Folks you are dancing to a tune that’s no longer playing. Your familiar, insular network is gone. As of January 2017, we got a new brand of politics… The Politics of Pillage. This is governance by destruction; it is governing by crosscut shredder; it is government by egotism.

In this new world, we throw away the rulebooks; we toss out the law books, we ignore 219 years of Supreme Court decisions, we bury our Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Forget history, tradition, protocol, pledges, conventions and treaties. Forget allies and alliances; forget Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War; forget FDR and WWII;          forget:

Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,

I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

In the Politics of Pillage, there is no golden door. There are walls and barriers. In the Politics of Pillage, it’s my way or the highway!  It’s comply, submit, shut-up, agree, obey or guess what…. You’re Fired!

If we are to remain The Land of The Free And The Home Of The Brave, we have to be brave. We have to demonstrate the courage of our convictions, not just once, but every time Trump commits another horrendous, illegal, ego-maniacal act. We have to fight the good fight because the Politics of Pillage and the Rule of Tyranny are the same thing. Neither define the United States of America.


Surviving Megalomania

I, along with millions of other Americans, have been struggling to figure out how to move on in a political atmosphere rife with repressive, regressive, punitive and prejudicial attitudes. Along with millions of others, I am trying to sort through the thousands of social, economic and cultural variables that conspired plunk our governmental in this quagmire. Somehow, we went from a democracy to an autocracy, from a place where immigrants formed the foundation of our national fabric, to a chauvinistic climate that favors racism and elitism. We went from a land that applauds and strives to ensure civil rights, women’s rights, reproductive freedoms, gender equality, social justice, economic and academic opportunities, freedom of the press and equality under the law, to one that permits blatant abuse of power, racism and classism.

For months I’ve been saying we are at the brink of a revolution, way before the ballots were counted, my inner soothsayer warned of impending disaster. I felt the air of discontent surging from the tired remnants of Nixon’s Silent Majority, erupting from Jerry Farwell’s impassioned Religious Right and spewing forth from enraged rioters in Baltimore’s Freddie Gray case. Across our land, this land of the free, pockets of discontent have grown, expanded and blended ideas with our social outliers. Fringe groups moved toward center and center spread toward the fringes; the KKK, neo-Nazis and survivalists linked arms as they marched to the ballot box spurred on by their communal sense of disenfranchisement and the delusion that they had finally found their leader. Meanwhile the contented, self-absorbed non-voters stayed home popping their popcorn and watching their soaps, unaware that a coup d’état was fomenting just outside their doors.

You can call it what you wish, a coup, a revolution or another civil war, but nothing changes the fact that our government has been over-turned or turned-over to someone whose most fundamental desire is self-aggrandizement. Without respect for or in-depth knowledge of our Founding Fathers and the government they established, this quasi monarch seeks to create change via destruction not legislation. As to our cherished “balance of power” well, given the practicalities of rumor and Twitter, that’s questionable at this point. Although the powers of the Executive Branch are constitutionally limited to avoid the possibility that we are now facing, party affiliation and overt threats of unabashed revenge are likely to keep all but the most well defended Senators and Representatives muzzled.

These are some of my views on the realities of what happened, how it happened and what we are now facing. So how do we get out of this mess? Well no easy answer, but what little I know about systems theory might help. When there is a change, a drastic change that creates imbalance in a system, a family, the environment, a country there are of necessity reactions to that change. Necessary reactions and responses will create further changes because one change in a system has to lead to others. Okay have you had enough with the theories?

Here’s my advice, the advice I can give at this moment in time, of course, susceptible to change. Find and connect with other like-minded people, find an issue you care about and want to advocate for, start promoting the you believe in because, here’s the big message: to act as if you are powerless reinforces a bully’s power. Make that your slogan for the week. “Powerlessness reinforces a bully’s power. I am not powerless.” Think about it and do whatever you can to counteract the undertow of acquiesce, complacency and passivity. Talk, write, march, volunteer or contribute.

I’m with you.