Month: April 2017

Costs and Losses

Every time I turn around another wrong-minded decision has been made. Who cares about doing what makes sense anymore. Trump is a driven man and for him it’s all about reversing the hard work of the Obama administration. If they went right, he’s going left.

Writing an executive order that slams our country’s door in the face of desperate, starving immigrants negates our national charter and belies our history as a diverse welcoming country. Our court system, which believes in ‘the rule of law’, saved us from that hideous fiasco, at least for now.

But who’s going to save our fragile environment from present day Neanderthal’s who summarily reverse hard won environmental protections. How much longer will it take to reverse the destruction imposed on our world by this hate-directed presidency? As long as he gets what he wants, he could care less about global warming and the impact of pollution on our world. His attitude is dangerous and stupid. Dead things don’t come back to life. Kill off the Black Rhinos, the polar bears, the spotted owls and they’re gone. The next generation adjusts to a diminished world without realizing how it happened and that it could have been stopped.

Allowing our oceans, rivers and streams to be polluted for hypothetical commercial gain is abominable. Even the Lorax knew that and he was a character in a Dr. Seuss book!



“I’ll be his eyes and ears”

[Ivanka Trump, explaining her duties as White House advisor]

Does anyone in that White House think about what he or she is saying?  Do any of them consider the long-range implications of their words … at all… ever?

When someone needs help to ‘see and hear’ or more abstractly, to clearly perceive and interpret reality, it means there is something wrong with that individual. He or she is not able to clearly perceive and process information without assistance. He or she needs help to function. He or she needs an assistance dog or daughter.

Sure, Ivanka’s father can probably tell the difference between a blaring car horn and his I-phone’s ringtone. Sure, he can see a golf ball on the tee. But … can he sort through the conceptual tangles his narcissism and paranoia impose on his view of reality? Not likely.