Month: March 2018

‘Nod, Nod, Wink, Wink’

If you are somehow, unbelievably under the impression that we live in a progressive society; that our Constitution still prevails, that the government we elected values human life, stands for gender equality, racial equality, and religious freedom; if you naively believe that this elected government remains dedicated to promoting the general public welfare… take another look.

Those rights, freedoms and guarantees of safety and justice have been trampled underfoot every day of this new administration.

Is our current leadership corrupt to its core?  YES! But I want to point out how we got here.

In order for the Congress and Executive Branch to be the way they are today, two preceding conditions had to exist.

One is the Religious Right’s accelerated growth. With its pervasive, vitriolic hatred of other religions, and its obstinate stand on social issues, like abortion and homosexuality, these zealots have not only gobbled up huge chunks of our electorate but their proselytizing stretched from church sermons to US Congressional chambers, where it influences legislation, operational decisions and undermines Constitutional guarantees.

The other gargantuan destroyer of humane policies is the NRA, whose pockets are deep enough to engulf and control the entire GOP. Much of that is because the ‘old boy’ network that sustains it is not dead.

A cursory glance at ‘Breaking News’ demonstrates these facts: gun violence has become a national epidemic and sexual scandals have reached crisis proportions.

The ‘old boys’ network can be traced to early developmentally fixations on ‘boyhood attachments’. Their devotion to guns is rivaled only by their devotion to their …well body parts.

The men in the ‘old boy’ network are bound together by their mutual understanding of those attachments. Publically, its home and hearth, kids and soccer games. Then there’s the ‘old boy’ world. In that world its ‘we can do what we want’, ‘pinch her ass,’ ‘grab her ….’

That world is dominated by self-interest, disdain for the rule of law, crude but authentic language and craven, heartless strategies of the ‘take what you want’ and ‘win at any cost’ variety.

That world is protected by the ‘old boy network.’

Here are the unspoken rules. 1) We guys know how the world really works. We get it. 2) We don’t admit the truth to outsiders. 3) We protect each other’s butts. 4) We take short cuts with the law and with whatever’s left of honesty and integrity.

‘Nod, nod, wink, wink…’ is compartmentalization and deception combined.

Never, ever tell wives or interviewers, what we really mean. Whether it’s about affairs, abuses, congressional votes, fund raising or back room deals … never tell the truth about any of it. That’s the ‘old boy’s network’s ultimate oath of loyalty.

This network is a few steps away from the Mob, a few steps away from supporting a full-fledged dictatorship and a few very tiny steps away from collaborative sociopathy.

Need some examples? One of the first bills Trump signed last year made it easier, yes easier for mentally ill people to purchase firearms.

And just this week the House voted to gut the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Think about it.

If you think you know what America stands for, you need to update your database.

The USA, the leading democracy in the world, has been changing.

This is WAR folks. War against our way of life. War against the weakest of us; war against people with disabilities, the poor, the homeless, immigrants, dreamers, the GBLT community, school children, abortion rights, the environment… and those who aggress against us are the very Senators, Representatives and President, we elected.

Here’s the key… this is our fault!

We the people did this.

We the people are responsible for this war.

We the people elected ‘Godzilla’ president.

We the people have grown too lazy, angry and self-absorbed to do more than tweet about it.

We the people are misinformed or uninformed.

We the people have turned our backs and given up.

We the people don’t vote, we don’t know what’s going on in our country and what’s worse we don’t care.

That pervasive malaise will work until it hits home; until your mother has no health insurance or your child is shot dead in school somewhere.

That might wake you up. Maybe.

I hope by then, it’s not too late.