The Shadow of Projection

The Shadow of Projection stretches far and wide

The truth it outlines has only one side

Vivid or pallid, reality’s blurred

Escaping its grasp has long been demurred

It will curve, bend or mutate

Its point to restate

Casting its viewpoint

A crown to anoint

Like a God, it proclaims it is fact, it is right

Wait, I am me a small voice will fight

I want to be seen, to be heard, to be known

But, Projection it carries a big megaphone

You are what I say, the big voice proclaims

You’re but a figment – it points and it shames

I’ll decide if you’re sweet or you’re messy or slow (more…)


The Gift of Wildlife

Several months ago, I found the most amazing website. It became a regular break from the from the pressures of everyday life. It was Via webcams the site featured a wild eagle family nesting in a tall eaglesTulip Poplar tree at the National Arboretum in Washington. This ‘first family’ of bald eagles, a mated pair named “Mr. President” and “The First Lady” were mesmerizing to watch as they prepared their nest, laid their eggs, fed their hatchlings and raised  them until the eaglets grew strong and healthy. Before our eyes, in living color, bold and beautiful Bald Eagles flew to and from their nest, gently hovering over their eaglets, keeping them warm, safe and well fed. Their teamwork was flawless as they flew in with fresh fish (mostly the male), feed their young (both parents), keep the nest clean and free of debris (mostly the female) and carried in fresh branches (he brings she arranges!).

Amazingly their distinct gender roles, with the male as the main food provider and the female as the main caregiver, were surprisingly traditional. The First Lady sat on the nest more often, fed and cleaned the eaglets and slept on the nest during the night. Mr. President however was never very far, always alert and eager to feed the eaglets when on the nest, which is more than some women can say about their mates!

Along with thousands of chatters across the world, I logged on to the chatrolls as expert moderators discussed and explained eagle behavior. I realized that many others were as emotionally involved, fascinated and invested in this nest of Bald Eagles as I was. This year the pair raised two eaglets who were named Freedom and Liberty. The eggs were laid in February 2016 and the eaglets fledged in June.

I watched as they grew from tiny, wobbly hatchlings to large fledglings standing as tall as their parents. It was my great good fortune to witness a miracle such as this. I hope that the pair will return again to this nesting site in January so write it on your calendars, watch for my postings and get ready to plug in your laptops, turn on your smartphones and log on to watch this miracle of nature with me. I can assure you I’ll be watching!


Poem: Arms

This right here is the problem,
The US as arms merchant,
we armed the mujahideen,
they drove the Russians
out of Afghanistan,
then split across that land
into factions–al Qaeda,
the Northern alliance,
and the Taliban,
now we have the ones we armed–
against us in Afghanistan.

we armed Pakistan,
we gave them fighter jets
and radars and missiles
and bullets and bombs,
now we have the Pakistani Taliban
attacking us in Karachi and Islamabad.

We armed Saddam Hussein
to fight Iran,
then we armed the govt. that followed him
with elan,
weapons of mass destruction
we gave them to keep order in Iraq,
and now we have ISIS
with those weapons in their hands
roving the world in savage bands.

arms our biggest export,
arms our magnificent sport,
arms on which our leaders dote,
arms brutal and close,
arms by remote control,
arms that unexpectedly explode
in fields and forests and hosts
of other places booby trapped–

America booby trapped in wars,
Hoisted by its own petard,
our empire a fading star
our society full of scars,
This an image stark
our leaders say is too dark–
hope is what they want us
to flaunt–
and yet–they are the sharks
who sell the arms that bring us
our harms.

Usha Nellore


Poem: The Republican National Convention–Plagiarism

It was a white supremacist fest,
A jest,
an anti Hillary screed,
A Rudy Giuliani primal scream,
it was vitriol so foul it carried miles
like effluent from a leaky sewage pipe–

it was senescence
and obsolescence
it was a prop for the idiocracy,
a show so meretricious,
gaudy and cheap
as to make the sane weep,

plagiarism was the icing
on the rancid cake
for the creeps to steal
and shine in borrowed feathers–
a routine–
don’t make an unnecessary scene
keep your eyes on ISIS,
“Be Afraid” that’s the theme–

For this is a paean to Michelle Obama,
Don’t you know imitation is flattery
and in plagiarism there is no ignominy,
or two people can have parallel thoughts
apart and be exactly alike in experience
and sensibility,
or what’s the fuss
two paragraphs taken or used is not felony–

Keep your eyes on ISIS
“Be Afraid”
That’s the theme,
of what importance a few words lifted,
when your whole life could be blasted
to smoke and steam?

That’s the theme.

Usha Nellore


If You Were A Worm

Maybe if you were a worm you’d be safe

You could down burrow deep where no one would see you

Hiding away where you cannot be found

You could live your life the way that you want to

Not like the Rhino who’s too big to hide

Not like the Rhino who dies for your pride

To grin and show off an erection gigantic

To impress only you and your ego fantastic

Not like the fox or the seal, or the beaver

Who die for your coats that you show off in winter?

Not like the turtle who dies for its shell

So you can have bracelets or earrings to sell

Tuna and swordfish are gourmet delights.

We gobble them up with no thought of their rights (more…)


A Retrospective Parody

Let’s pan the camera back a few years. Young Donald age 8 and his parents are having dinner. Young Donald insists he can make run the family better than his Parents can.

Father Triumph to young Donald, “You have no experience running a home why should we trust you?”

Young Donald to Father, “You are a Dummyhead, I tell it like it is! I know how to do things.”

“What proof do you have that you know how to run a family?”

“I won a kickball game. I won at marbles. Pretty girls like me. I’m a winner.”

Mother Triumph, “Yes it’s true dear that you are good at many things, but running a family is different from marbles.”

“Mommy, you are a dummyhead. You are just like Rosie O’Donnell, a big fat slob inside and out. No wonder you married Daddy dummyhead, with a face like yours who else was going to have you?”



Poem: The Revenge of the Know Nothings

Trump is winning because
Trump is like a lump of lard
bad for your brain and heart
but tasty until swallowed–

Swallowed whole,
Trump’s hyperbole
like a malignant mole
will eat you.

Trump is winning because
his nostrums soothe,
his shouts though crude,
and his insults lewd,
they exude,
“Vote for me because I’m no fool,
although for that I’ve no proof,
Trust me– I’ll know what to do,
for every neck I have a noose,
for every border I have a wall,
I’m the owner of buildings tall,
No woman can resist my mating call,
your phobias I voice and amplify,
complex problems I simplify,
My magic wand is extra long,
I’m a sorcerer with a siren song,
I’m a leader like a lump of lard!”

Trump is winning because he’s cross, he’s slippery as moss, he’s a leader like a Caesar on the verge of a seizure, Trump is winning because he knows not why he’s winning and they know not why he’s winning except it’s sweet to make him win against each kingpin and it’s sweet to vote him in against an anti Trump din.

Usha Nellore


IQ –EQ – SQ – VQ – UQ

Let’s get clear about something: Some things can be learned, taught and studied. They are a matter of information, memory and ideas, a matter of intelligence. Other things, not so much. They are more a matter of ‘who you are’ as a person things like personality, empathy, intuition, flexibility, patience and self-control have less to do education and more to do with innate qualities. When you think about a presidential candidate, a world leader who has to lead this country and be respected across the globe, you have to think beyond the kind of ‘issues’ that candidates debate. Those things, while important at the moment, vary from generation to generation and from country to country.

As thoughtful voters we can not afford to get stuck on single, emotional, social, political or financial issues no matter how important they may be. Because those issues change with the social and political climate. What is more imporant and what is universally ignored, what goes beyond opinion and proposals is the nature of the person’s character, morality and personality. It’s not about how smart or well informed they are – yes it’s impressive when candidates can rattle off facts and figures and pronounce the name of every leader, country and capital with searing linguistic accuracy, what’s most important has not been addressed except in passing, slurs or inferences delivered in mini-soundbites.

Here’s the thing.

In addition to intelligent, our president needs to be:



Are They Cut From The Same Cloth?

As a world community, are experiencing increasing violations to our collective belief systems. The iconoclasts are running rampant. Violations of long respected social codes, values, mores are everyday occurances. Nothing is sacred, Nothing and no one is above derision. Hatred, extremes of verbal abuse, hideous senseless acts of violence abound. Indeed they are often applauded or subtly sanctioned. These acts are becoming so commonplace, we stopped defining these behavioral extremes as aberrant outliers. They happen every day. We’re getting immune to them. People who just a few years ago defined themselves as mainstream Americans have gone off the deep end. They put up with things they would never have put up with before. They tolerate even encourage abusive obnoxious language and laugh or clap, or stand up and cheer for it. Corrosive, toxic words and ideas are spewed, hateful, crazy actions occur and instead of people being appalled they applaud.

Through war after war, treaty after treaty, court ruling after court ruling, we as a global collective have worked incrementally to amass a broadly accepted set of social standards. Society has strived to achieve as ordinary, a reasonable standard of conduct, fair rules of social engagement, political correctness, respectful problem solving, restrained discourse, humanitarianism, cohesive cooperative government, environmental responsibility. In this country we’ve strived to achieve Equality under the Law, a Fair and Just Court System, Civil Rights for all Citizens…we’re not there yet but we have improved. We keep trying.  Through generations civilization  has assembled generally accepted social guidelines that strive to provide safety, maintain order and regulate themselves in accordance with some semblance of reasonableness.

We teach our toddlers to ‘use their words’ rather than hitting or spitting. We try to socialize, raise and train our children to be responsible and respectful, to be polite and considerate even if they disagree or play on opposite teams. Now, it seems without our knowledge, agreement or approval those social guidelines we struggled and died to achieve are being trampled.



“Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor”

Syrian and Iraqi refugees abandoned their homes and everything familiar in a desperate search for safety. Carrying their babies and scant worldly possessions they trudge across the burning sand, pile into battered boats, face a hazardous Mediterranean only to land on strange lands seeking shelter. They want be safe. They are not going through all this because they’re bored or greedy. They aren’t seeking better paying jobs, nicer clothes or bigger cars. They simply want to avoid being slaughtered by the same maniacs who are threatening the rest of the world. We’re on the same side of this war, folks. It’s not like they’re friends with the terrorists. Even if a bad guy sneaks across with them, it doesn’t mean they invited him. However, several Republican presidential candidates have lost their program guides.  Instead of standing by the words inscribed on our Statue of Liberty:

“Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

These pompous candidates are determined to slam that golden door in their faces. And why? Because immigration and terrorism are hot button topics and they want votes. So before you jump on the closest political band-wagon think about this:

  1. Terrorists can go wherever they want to go – Syrian immigrants or no Syrian immigrants.
  2. They are well funded. Their groups have money and means, passports and bombs. Islamist extremists have been getting into the USA for years. On student visas, work visas, in freighter cargo holds or as stowaways on Boeing 747’s.
  3. Not all terrorists are imports from the Middle East. Some of them already live here. Some were born here. Many are not and have never been Sunnis, Shiites, Kurds, Druze, Yazidis, or any other ethnic minority who call the middle east their home
  4. Groups like al Qaeda are transnational groups made up of many nationalities and based in many countries, so let’s not discriminate against one terrorized nationality.

It’s abhorrent that these political wanna-be’s spout simplistic, reductionist ideas and pretend that they are solutions. It’s even more abhorrent that so many potential voters swallow this crap as if it were the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.



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