Therapeutic Comments

Express Yourself!

Years ago I went through a Hugh Prather phase. If you know any of his work it reads like something between blogging and free associating. His work was thought provoking and interesting sometimes tangential sometimes personal but always consistent in its overall pattern. I am using what I think his method must have been here. It’s like ‘dear diary’ but it’s open to the public! With my early psychotherapy training in psychoanalytic methods ‘free association’ comes naturally to me. I have a deep appreciation for how it can lead to deeper thought processes, conflicts, attachments and well you know…‘issues’ as we like to say today. Prather introduced me to the idea that one can start anywhere with a thought and just follow it to see where it goes. It can start with a butterfly on a flower and argument with your spouse or a paragraph in a novel. The point is to observe, conceptualize, articulate and express yourself!  I like it! It reminds me of the Windows 8 commercial by Labyrinth “Express Yourself!”

So given that I’m ‘new to blogging’ I hope those more intimately familiar with its process will forgive me my assumptions and errors as I figure this out. ‘New to blogging’ is in fact something of an overstatement. I mean brand new…like these are my first entries, so if you have any suggestions or directions please by all means ‘sock it to me!’ (remember Rowan and Martin’s Laugh In?? )